Specialty Programs

Looking for more adventure?

We are very pleased to offer our campers even more fun and adventure through our Specialty Programs. Specialty Programs are subject to availability and additional fees.

Campers’ safety is our first priority. Prior to experiencing Specialty Programs, participants are outfitted with industry standard safety equipment and training. All Specialty Programs are operated in accordance with guidelines set by applicable governing associations. 

Canopy Aerial Park 
Build confidence and get your adrenaline pumping in our canopy aerial park. Climb across monkey lines, traverse suspension bridges and soar through the air on our 900 foot zip-line – the longest over water in Ontario. Try it once, or expand your skills daily with our Week Aerial Park Pass! Our aerial park guides ensure campers have a safe and enjoyable adventure. This program is offered to all campers of all ages, $50(inc tax) for each half day session, or a week pass option for $125(inc tax).

Rock Climbing
Our climbing program promotes confidence, problem solving skills, and  more in a safe, supportive, fun environment. Campers of any skill level can practice their climbing and rappelling techniques on our 30-foot natural rock face. Our nurturing, trained climbing staff will coach and encourage campers to expand their climbing skills on variety of climbing routes. This program is offered to campers of all ages, $50(inc tax) for each half day session.

Camp Muskoka Paintball is a fun and unique experience for kids 10 and up! Campers have a blast ‘splattering’ their friends in our forested outdoor Paintball arena. Games focus on teamwork, communication, and strategy. Each paintball session includes 300 paintballs. Additional paintballs may also be purchased on the field if desired. For safety reasons, this program is offered to all campers age 10 and up, $50(inc tax) for each half day session.

Horseback Riding
Camp Muskoka’s on-site trail rides offer campers to experience all the beauty of Camp Muskoka from horseback! Our forest trails are suitable for beginners, but also challenging enough for more experienced riders. Campers learn the basics of horse care and grooming right here at camp. A great activity for any horse enthusiast! This program is offered to campers of all ages, $50(inc tax) for a one hour trail ride.


Flyboarding is a new extreme recreational water sport that allows the participant to achieve hydro-powered levitated flight. Our certified Flyboard Instructors will outfit each participant with the necessary safety equipment and provide safety instructions to set them up for successful fly time. Each participant will be guided through a series of progressive exercises proving their ability to control the Flyboard while building their confidence. Within a matter of minutes the Flyboarder will be able to propel themselves safely through the air giving them the incredible achievement of flight 5, 10, to 15 feet above the water. Each program period is open to 4 participants giving each approximately 20 minutes of Flyboard time. This program is offered to campers age 12 and up, $75(inc tax)  for one activity period.


SCUBA Diving

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? Well if so, the Camp Muskoka PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience is for you! Camp Muskoka’s PADI dive professionals will be offering this exciting program in Cougar Lake this summer. While this is not a scuba certification course, the Discover Scuba Diving experience is a fun and safe introduction to what it’s like to explore the underwater world and it will transform your life. You will learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to scuba dive under the direct control of a PADI Professional. Each program period is open to only 4 participants giving each approximately 90 minutes of SCUBA instruction and diving time. Space is limited so register now. You need to completed medical questionnaire. For safety reasons, this program is offered to all campers age 10 and up, $75(inc tax) for one activity period.